Shine A Light

This week’s blog comes from Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse: Museum of Norfolk Life.  Megan Dennis, the curator, enlightens us on a Gressenhall object housed at the Norfolk Collections Centre and the detective work required to find out its history.

Today I have been working in the Norfolk Collections Centre – trying to find out “what’s in the box”? This large green wooden box was discovered during the Shine A Light project, sitting on the social history racking. Unnumbered and unidentified it was feeling pretty unloved.

Fortunately there were several clues to unravel the story of this object. The box, to some extent, “does what it says on the tin”.


There are a number of large white plastic letters screwed onto the box reading “JOHN H BUSH, THE WOODGATE HERD, OF, PEDIGREE LARGE BLACK PIGS”.

Large black pigs are a traditional East Anglian breed. We have some here on the farm…

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