harvestMy fifth offering from a book I bought in a charity shop recently…..


The trouble with overspill is that you find yourself being nice to neighbours you never liked.

Corollary: when the radish season is at it’s height, a neighbour in need is a friend indeed.


The number of any given relatives, friends,business colleagues and acquantainces a gardener may have at any given time varies in direct proportion to the season; i.e. whether the raspberries and strawberries are ripe.


1. The number increases or decreases with the type of gardener- the one who picks the fruit for you and the one who says, ‘Help yourself’.

2. Nothing from the country garden is given away, except for a very good reason.

From : ‘Mrs. Murphy’s Laws of Gardening’ – Faith Hines (Temple House books, 1992)

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