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What Ghent is getting right about children, public space and traffic – and what it got wrong.

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My grandmother Cynthia was born in 1921, and has lived within a couple of miles of the same South Derbyshire village for her entire life. She has always been an enthusiastic gardener and continues to tend to her perennials and vegetables to this day, despite losing most of her eyesight to macular degeneration about twenty […]

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Why are German forest kindergartens being banned from running in woodland settings?

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Tile scarves..

VIDA combines the best of the old–beautiful textiles produced in developing countries–and the best of the new–digital fabric printing technology. Founded by Umaimah Mendhro, the company allows artists to turn their art into fashion articles. The platform has allowed artists from all over the world to collaborate with textile workers in ways that were previously […]

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Last week’s post left the Edward Woods Estate, just a decade into its existence, in a parlous state – criticised by the Borough which built it, unloved apparently by its residents, and with the range of problems coming to seem typical of such high-rise modernist schemes. Hammersmith and Fulham’s Director of Housing, Tony Babbage, had […]

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Brugmansia babes…

I can’t claim to have any climatic foresight, but last autumn I decided to take cuttings from the brugmansia that I had successfully overwintered outdoors for several years. Good thing too, because despite being well wrapped up it has not survived. Taking brugmansia cuttings is very simple – I cut segments of woody stem approximately…

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Mafra Bells…

In 1711, king Dom João V vowed that if he was blessed with a son, he would construct a convent in Mafra. When a son was born in 1714, Dom João V spared no expense to fulfil his promise. By one count, the building has 880 rooms and 4,500 doors and windows. The convent includes […]

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By Barbara A. Lewis, author of The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference If you offer brussels sprouts or a forkful of kale to a child, he will probably gag. This is not so true for those who feast on their own tenderly […]

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Estremoz is a town in Alentejo famous for its white marble. The same geological conditions that fashioned its pristine stones created limestone soils perfect for wine production. So it’s no wonder that there are so many wineries around Estremoz. The prettiest of them all is Quinta Dona Maria. The estate, which dates back to 1718, […]

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