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In my experience, daisy-type flowers almost never have a fragrance. Here’s one that does, and it also has a strange common name: nerve-ray. Botanists know it as Tetragonotheca texana. A tetragon is a four-angled figure: Greek tetra = four and gon = angle; theca = a place to put something, a receptacle, a case. In […]

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We grow many fruit trees here at our Avocet patch, mostly trained as cordons, ballerinas or stepovers, plus one freely grown tree a Quince “Vranga”. In mid-May these apples and pears are in full blousy blossom. I went out into the garden on a bright sunny day with deep shadows with camera in hand to […]

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Istrian Orchids…

I wish I had a retentive mind for the names of orchids – some do stay with me, but many do not, so forgive the gaps in the gallery of some of the many orchids we saw growing in Istria. I will name those I am sure of, but as for the rest – please…

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My camera went missing for an hour or so while Todd and I visited Bruges, Belgium. We looked furiously around for the missing Nikon. Just as we were about to give up hope, we spotted it. It had been swiped by an artsy swan. It took all our cunning ways to convince the swan to […]

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To Walter de Grasse

Dear Walter,

Exciting times!! We’re off to Heathrow tomorrow to pick up our eldest Daughter, her fiance and our grand-daughter…we haven’t seen them in the flesh for a year. As you know they are coming over from Australia to get married at our local church, and our grandaughter is going to be baptised at the same service.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and Ferdy to the service and reception, which as you know is going to be held in Old School Garden. Needless to say it’s been all go here trying to get the garden ready, and as luck would have it, we discovered a ceiling down after a leak on our return from Ireland a few weeks ago…so the builders (who are already restyling our lounge) have some more work to do…as do I on the decorating front!

So apologies (and to my other blog followers) for being a bit absent on the blog front recently…it’s down to lack of time with everything else going on. Still as they say ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ I’ll show you a few select shots of the garden at its spring time best…

I’ve also been over to Blickling which is looking splendid…

And the Sandringham Flower Show Garden is progressing nicekly…we are sourcing pretty much all we need from generous companies and others, but have yet to find some largish trees to add height and structure to the design.

And whilst I haven’t been able to devote any time to the Reepham High School and College Allotment Project, we popped over to see it today , as part of the Reepham Food festival, which was a real delight, and where we managed to hook up with a few old friends. The Project has moved on apace with several major features being added, including a rope pump and an outdoor classroom, (this is under construction and is using virtually all reclaimed and recycled materials) and a new hard roadway and french drain to sort out the drainage problems..

I was over at the church yesterday cutting the grass pathways through the rapidly growing meadow environment and recently we had the fantastic help (once more) of the Community Payback Team, who cleared the ‘triangle’ near the church and on which I’ve sown a meadow seed mix….

This was just before another major gathering at the church, this time the 100 Bomber Support Group (our local airfield was part of this), held part of their annual reunion with us…there was music, cake and plenty of memories and history on show..a great time was had by all……..

I hope you and Ferdy are enjoying the warm sunshine as are. sometime I must tell you about our trip to Ireland, which was a great adventure with some wonderful sights and sounds (and Guinness of course). To round off here’s one picture of the Giant’s Causeway, a magical place..

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Four nerve daisy…

A common wildflower in Austin, and one that’s found here for most of the year, is the four-nerve daisy, Tetraneuris linearifolia. Here’s the rather wildly arrayed flower head of one seen from the side. Look at the midsection of the ray pointing “northeast” and you can easily count the four “nerves” that have given the […]

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Do cravings, wantings, needings, “just give me a fucking glass of wine-ings” ever truly pass? As I sit in the airport lounge with a cup of chamomile tea (no judging just yet, hear me out), I can’t help but wonder if that feeling of always wanting more will ever actually fade and completely disappear into […]

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I’ve been reading a fascinating book called What A Plant Knows, by the scientist Daniel Chamovitz. It’s about how plants are smarter than most of us have thought – they have a remarkable abilities to detect and respond to aspects of their environment. I’ll be writing a review soon. But to give just one example […]

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Erythronium Pagoda Many cite the long-lasting and unsightly foliage of spring bulbs as a reason not to grow them. I have two answers for that. One is my ongoing strategy: grow the temperamental tulip hybrids that don’t perennialize as annuals. I find the pleasure they give and the fun of changing them up more than…

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The Coming of Spring: Constance Smedley, writer, suffragist, social activist, founder of the Lyceum Club by Maxwell Ashby Armfield (1881 – 1972)

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