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Georges Michel (1763-1843) by Hope Jahren A seed is alive while it waits. Every acorn on the ground is just as alive as the three-hundred-year-old oak tree that towers over it. Neither the seed nor the old oak is growing; they are both just waiting. What each seed is waiting for is known only […]

via Study of a Tree — Secret Gardener

Have you ever walked in to a pub and seen a scene like this? This panel portrays a traditional pub scene unlike we see now. It was created by the Norwich artist, John Moray-Smith in the middle of the twentieth century. This artist’s work appears on the outside of buildings and inside of pubs across […]

via John Moray-Smith panel — Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

Color has an incredible impact on brain functioning. The right colors help our brains work more effectively. We can harness this knowledge to maximize our brain functioning and increase the quality of our lives. Color Affects the Brain by Stimulating the Release of Certain Hormones Scientifically, color impacts the brain by causing the hypothalamus to…

via How Color Affects Brain Functioning — Outside The Lines

Skimming inches above the ground attached to a pulley hurtling down the line is an adrenalin charged zip, zip hooray moment. A steady stream of kids cycles through to the top of one of the twin ‘towers’ preparing to be airborne. Two zip lines, four feet apart are an invitation for back and forth races […]

via Zip zip hooray — PlayGroundology

Without meaning to harp on about it too much, whilst cycling for the best part of a month in France, I had only myself for company. I talked to myself, sang to myself, told myself funny little stories (and laughed at them – yes I am suitably strange) and cried to myself. I regularly bored […]

via Solitude … Necessary or Not? — How I Killed Betty!

In Keep Calm and Grow Your Own I was pondering the wisdom of stockpiling a few essentials in case Brexit causes some disruption to our (rather precarious) food supplies, but also thinking about what we could grow next year – to keep us fed in the (probably unlikely) event that those disruptions are going. The…

via Planning the Brexit garden — The Unconventional Gardener

We had not visited Crug Farm garden and nursery for several years, so taking advantage of our return journey from Anglesey we took a short detour to explore this woodland garden in Snowdonia. Driving into the little car park the yellow and orange poppies, Meconopsis cambrica, gave us a warm welcome. I will now simply […]

via Crug Farm – a planthunter’s woodland garden — greenbenchramblings

Hard woody mulches or soft non-woody straw-like mulches, what’s the difference? They both work equally well as garden mulches to moderate soil temperature, reduce water loss from the soil through evaporation, conserve soil moisture to reduce the need for watering, inhibit weed seed germination and suppress the growth of weeds. Selecting the right kind of […]

via The Difference Between Soft and Hard Mulches — Deep Green Permaculture

Essential oils play several roles in the garden. They are a natural pest deterrent and as pests carry disease in the form of bacteria and viruses, the oil’s antibacterial and antiviral properties act as a form of preventative medicine for your garden. Fungi and mould are other problems essential oils can deal with quickly and […]

via Essential Oils in the Garden — aristonorganic

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