Guest article by Timi Schmidt

March and April can be very unpredictable, but if you are a gardener or you just love to spend time in your garden or yard, you’ll probably be out the first second the weather gets warm!

While you’re trying to enjoy the spring sunshine, dead plants and leaves can not only look bad and spoil your view, but can also be unhealthy for your garden.

Some early spring cleanup tasks are a given during this time of year. If you want to make your garden pretty and healthy for this season, just follow the steps in the spring cleanup checklist, above.

When to Clean Up Your Garden

We are all excited for spring to come and enjoy our outdoor space but it’s best to wait with cleaning it up until the soil defrosts and starts to dry out a bit.

Soil compaction caused from walking on soil while it’s still wet can make it very difficult for plants to grow later. Until then, you can just start with taking stock of your tools and cleaning them up.

How to Spring Clean Your Garden

There are plenty of tasks to complete in the spring cleaning season, from removing winter mulch to pruning shrubs, but this checklist has got you covered. To make things easier, you can download and print it out so you can take it with you into your garden (you can also download by clicking the image above). 

There is no better feeling than ticking off all the tasks from the checklist and having a clean and healthy garden for the rest of the year.

Happy Spring Cleaning!