I had a great day’s gardening with various groups of children at Cawston Primary School, Norfolk, last week. They made great progress with digging over the various borders, watering and transplanting- as well as each sowing runner bean seeds in aid of Dr. Barnardo’s. But in addition to these rather more mundane activities it was also possible do some ‘instant gardening’.

An old willow tree stump, removed from the side of the former pond to make way for the new one a couple of years ago, lies near the entrance to the garden and was, to be honest, a bit of an eyesore. Mrs. Brett, the ‘learning outside the classroom’, co-ordinator had a great idea to make this a feature by planting it up, so I bought various bulbs, primulas, anenomes and ferns, using some of the money raised from opening up Old School Garden to the public last year.

Ann, one of the parents, and I helped the children turn this into an attractive feature.  We cleared around the old stump and used other old branches to create ‘planting pockets’ in addition to those created by the roots of the stump and filled these with old soil from a nearby spoil heap. The plants were well watered in and there’s now a colourful, rather beautiful ‘floral sculpture’ to welcome us as we enter the garden!

Old School Gardener