Celandine_Sward‘The lively breezes fleecy flocks are chasing

Across the sky; from field to field go racing

Cloud shadows, hurrying on beneath the sun.

On every side man’s work is being done,

To profit by his time when all around

The life renewed is springing from the ground.

Dawn’s chorus swells; at dusk the blackthorn’s glowing,

Hedges grow green, and chattering children stray

Along the banks where primroses are growing

With daffodils. And on this first warm day

A butterfly with sunlit, yellow wings

Goes gaily gliding by; a robin sings,

And celandines among the mosses gleam,

Casting their gold upon the busy stream.’

John (Jack) Kett,  from ‘A Late Lark Singing’ (Minerva press, 1997)

Old School Gardener