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Timeguard’s new LED  NightEYEs are a completely new concept in PIR lighting design.   Small and remarkably powerful, these  8Wfloodlights are compact and stylish enough to be used anywhere, whether as effective security lighting or attractive courtesy lighting.

The LED NightEYEs give instant brightness equivalent to  100W but are under half the size of old style halogen designs and use a fraction of the power.

TimeguardAvailable in black or white, there are also  twin versions delivering the equivalent of 200W lighting using a maximum of 16W (2 x 8W) of LED power, and larger 32W options. All promise running costs a tenth or less of a comparable halogen output.

With a detection range of 10m the floodlights can be panned and tilted to ensure optimum coverage.  An adjustable PIR detector and both lux level and on-time adjustments are other refinements of the NightEYE  range.

With a low operating temperature

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