‘Every Monday Morning, he must walk about the whole place to observe what needs doing, what is amisse, before he does any other work….Make regular checks on beehives, seed and root boxes; clean, sharpen and repair tools in wett weather and put away every night.

Stir heaps of dung and mould; clip hedges, mow lawns, prune fruit and murral trees and vines when stated.

Ask every night what rootes, salading, garnishing wil be needed next day, and bring it to Cook in the morning and informe her from time to time what garden provision and fruite is ripe and in season to be spent….

Gather and bring in all fruit… He may not dispose of any fruit or sell any vegetables, flowers or plants without first asking leave of master or mistress. He must show broken and worn out tools to the master before buying new ones.’

John Evelyn- Directions to his gardener at Saye’s Court, 1687

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