Shine A Light

By Wayne Kett

As promised here is part 2 of my history of Norwich. Rather than attempt to tell the whole 1600 year story of Norwich (difficult in 2 blogs) I have chosen 10 events or periods that had a significant effect on the formation of the city we know today.

If you have not yet read part 1, it can be found here:

Thomas Ivory, a Georgian Architect

During the Georgian period (1714 – 1830) many significant buildings in Norwich were constructed. However I would like to focus on the work of one man, as a means of illustrating the long-lasting effect a single person can make on the architectural landscape of a city.

Thomas Ivory (1709-1779), is not a household name, however his influence on the visual appearance of the city is vast. Through his work as an architect and builder Ivory’s work can be seen in many…

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