norfolk sky by j halfieToday it rained; across the evening sky

Grey, ragged ranks of cloud now slowly pass

After the rain away, and out to sea.

Where near the old wood; from a dripping tree

Leaves, damp and yellow, fall upon the grass,

As startled pigeons from their cover fly.

A pheasant calls; gnats dance by ivy blooms;

Among the bracken blood-red brambles run.

The daylight fades, and in the scattered homes

The little windows light up one by one.

In cottage gardens now the beacons glow

Of white Chrysanthemums, defying night;

Pale, cold, the moon glides slowly into sight,

And trees across the fields faint shadows throw.’

‘October Evening’ by Jack Kett

from ‘A Late Lark Singing’ (Minerva Press 1997)

Old School Gardener

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