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Rethinking Childhood

iPhone banTechnology has an ever greater role in children’s lives, and its effects are the focus of ever more heated debate. It is easy for advocates of nature, outdoor play and everyday childhood freedoms to think that screens and gadgets are our enemy. But the truth is that things are a little more complicated than that.

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Shine A Light

*The Shine a Light Project has been a collaborative effort involving many different departments across the museum service. To reflect this we are publishing some blogs written by contributors to the project from outside of the core team based at the superstore. This week’s blog is written by Helen Renton, Assistant Curator at Strangers Hall, and explains the origin of the Bolingbroke collection (a large proportion of the furniture removed from the 24 crates are objects that form part of the Bolingbroke collection).

The Bolingbroke Collection

By Helen Renton

Strangers’ Hall was for centuries the home of wealthy merchants and mayors of Norwich. The oldest part of the building dates from the early fourteenth century, and the house was extended and embellished by a succession of occupants. In the 1790s it was purchased by local Roman Catholic priests and served as their presbytery until 1880.

By the end of…

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When we were visiting my mother recently I was amazed to see just how much food for wildlife the old hedge alongside her back garden was presenting to the mammals and birds and of course the odd late flying butterfly and wasp. This stretch of hedge was originally an old field boundary and it illustrates just how much damage to Mother Nature’s larder the destruction of our hedges by intensive style agriculture actually causes. Here we have a 20 yard stretch of mixed natives with an odd cultivated plant creeping in from the garden that is a veritable larder for all sorts of wildlife.

2013 10 18_4344 2013 10 18_4354

2013 10 18_4349

Think of hedgerow food for wildlife and the first fruit to come to mind will be the Bramble or Blackberry. This may be simply because we enjoy a tasty nibble of these glossy black gems ourselves. We might also think of Roses with their red fruit…

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