Shine A Light

Invention and beginnings

By Ann-Marie Peckham

I remember visiting the Collections Store at Beamish, County Durham a few years ago and being amazed at their bicycle collection. Seeing nearly 200 years worth of developments in the appearance and mechanics of the bicycle was fascinating. So I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that we also have a large collection of bicycles in our pre-existing racking in the Superstore, which you will be able to see when we open in spring 2014.

Now, you may be asking yourself ‘how can bicycles be that interesting? But the bicycle has had a varied, controversial, and even amusing history, which I will (attempt) to outline using some objects from our collection. However, because the history is so varied I will span this blog over two parts (so do check back in a month’s time).

From the beginning of time human beings have looked…

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