The view from Blog HQ...

The view from Blog HQ…

You might be interested to know that 3 years ago today I set up the blog ‘Old School Garden’. The stats:

  • 2,145 posts (including reblogs and this one!)
  • 256,714 hits (or views) of pages
  • Views from 184 countries with a top ten of U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa and Ireland.
  • Posts about recycling, especially using pallets, continue to be the most popular group of posts, with one (the reblogged ‘Ultimate guide to Upcycling Pallets’) achieving over 7,000 views alone.
  • My blog following has increased to 3,036 on all channels, with 634 being direct followers.

And it is to you, my followers, and others reading my stuff that I say, once more, a very big THANKYOU!

Old School Gardener