IMG-20151203-WA0002O.K. it’s me in there (captured by my wife on one of her walks)…and yes, it isn’t Ghostbusting (as my daughter suggested), but rather leaf blowing at Blickling this week!

The ladies were put to work helping the tidy up before the big Christmas events here at the Hall, and Peter, Ed and I were set to clearing the main roads and verges of some rather wet and in some places, deeply laying leaves. With the Oaks still holding on to their foliage it will be some weeks before all the leaf litter is down and can be cleared away for another year. But it was well worth doing this little bit of work to protect the grass and help to tidy up the paths and roads around the Hall.

WP_20151203_10_41_45_ProEd took me through the machine for the day – a very powerful petrol-powered back pack blower which was a bit on the heavy side, especially after a couple of hours! But, moving in a line, Peter, Ed (who had an even more powerful trolley blower) and I managed to get the leaves ready for Ed to bring round the tractor with a powerful vacuum cleaner attachment to suck up and shred the leaves ready for dumping on the leaf mould pile.

I know the use of this sort of powered leaf collection is not very environmentally friendly, but the sheer scale of the job here at Blickling (as with so many of the gardening tasks) requires this sort of kit to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time. Still, I salved my conscience a day or two later with some manual leaf raking and dumping in my newly created leaf mould bay at Old School Garden!

WP_20151203_15_47_48_ProThe run up to Christmas with Blickling  ‘Putting on the Glitz’ is starting to come together, and we also helped lift furniture in the courtyard where a fire pit, lanterns and other features look set to create wonderful centre piece. Staff and volunteers have been out decorating the Acorn Yews in the Parterre Garden and the traditional avenue of illuminated Christmas Trees looks wonderful once more. This year there is even a ‘Christmas Tree’ alight on the island in the lake.

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