That Bloomin' Garden

Today I am spending a rainy day planning next years kitchen garden. An important thing to remember when planning your vegetable garden is to ensure you practice good crop rotation. Why is that? If you rotate your crops you will help to prevent the spread of diseases and insect problems.

Planning for Crop Rotation in the Organic Garden

If you have ever grown potatoes in a new garden that used to be in sod the previous year, you may have had an issue with wireworms.  I did when I planted the first community garden bed with potatoes. I harvested the first potatoes with no issues and thought I would leave the potatoes in the soil to harvest in late July.

Planning for Crop Rotation in the Organic Garden

Wasn’t I surprised to see this on my freshly harvested potatoes that summer. Ugh, I didn’t want to look at a potato after that. I had to toss all the damaged potatoes away.  The next year I grew…

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