30th June 2015

To Walter Degrasse

Dear Walter,

A short letter this month, I’m afraid. I’m sitting here, having just got access to the computer amid builders’ mayhem, with dust everywhere… and I’ve just been interrupted to see to a pigeon in the fruit cage! It certainly is all go.

I thought I’d write little and let my pictures speak for my gardening activity this month, if that’s OK?

First, we’ve been down to Devon a few times and thankfully completed my Mother-in- Law’s move to her new flat. A bonus was some rather nice pots she kindly gave me as well as a few cuttings of some interesting plants…one of the pots is a ‘Pig Salter’, I gather it was used to salt raw pig meat; it looks handsome with its bright yellow bamboo.

I’m also rather pleased with my efforts at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse Museum, little though they are. My visit last week revealed the gardens looking grand; I especially liked the swathes of Pony Tail grass just coming into flower…

At home, Old School Garden is also looking rather good, I think. And the harvest has begun too; Broad Beans, First Early Potatoes, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries and this week the heads of Calabrese are looking just about ready for picking. I’m also encouraged by the new system I’m using for growing tomatoes- ‘Quadgrow’. This is a system of watering via a reservoir under the pots with a wick up into each pot. You add water and feed to the reservoir and away they go- and they are looking healthy, vigourous and are producing lots of fruit, though to date I’ve just had one ripe tomato.

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Hopefully the building works will be more or less completed this week and I can then begin my own efforts in decorating three and a half rooms plus a stairwell and corridor…I might be done by Christmas…

All the best old fellah..remember to keep cool in the promised heat wave this week!

Old School Gardener