Shine A Light

By Sophie Towne

We have had another marvellous discovery at the Norfolk Collections Centre in the form of an ornately studded leather trunk.

royal chest 004

For several months we (the Shine a Light team) had passed this chest on the roller racking. We were mostly preoccupied with re-packing fireplaces and fire screens and constructing early 20th century wardrobes. Nevertheless we noted that this trunk must be something special but it had to wait in line for its turn to be audited like everything else! All objects are equal here at the Norfolk Collections Centre whether you’re a toilet or an aeroplane wing! Finally it came to the trunk’s day of reckoning. The accession number was jotted down and checked on MODES (our collections database). So imagine our surprise to find out from the object records that the chest in question dated from the 17th century and once belonged to Queen…

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