Shine A Light

By Dayna Woolbright

The Georgian period spans 123 years, 1714-1837, and marks the period when England was ruled by the Hanoverian Kings, George I, George II, George III, George IV, William IV.The Georgian period saw much change; in politics, industry and literature. In social terms it saw the gap between rich and poor widen and the emergence of the libertarian ‘middle class.’ This era helped shape Britain as we know it today and there are far too many important historical events to consolidate into one blog, for this reason I will concentrate on the social history and the developments that can be represented through objects in the Norfolk Museums and Archaeology service’s collection.


The Georgian period saw the emergence of imperial based wealth through the import/export of various goods which were sold around the world. This created a new larger, wealthy middle class who liked to illustrate their wealth…

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