This week's questioner has been offered a second offer too good to be refused?

This week’s questioner has been offered a second greenhouse…an offer too good to be refused?

GQT this week comes from Mr. Herb E.Vore of  Field Dalling, Norfolk. Herb asks:

‘A friend has offered me his small greenhouse free. I have space to spare – but I have one green house already. Apart from extra capacity, what are the advantages of a second greenhouse?’

Well Herb, the chief advantage is that you can create two quite different environments – one, perhaps, devoted to a special purpose or to growing plants such as orchids, alpines, carnations and the like which do not thrive in the sort of environment you probaly create in your present greenhouse (assuming it’s used to propagate plants, grow tomatoes etc.).

A second greenhouse would also be useful to keep as a conservatory for the display of decorative plants, and quite separate from the placed used for the vital, visually less interesting jobs of propagation and growing – on. Bear in mind, however, that even if you have the room (or time or money) for only one greenhouse, you may be able to create at least two different environments by dividing the structure into two compartments (with a heavy clear plastic sheet as a divider, for example).

And while we’re talking about greenhouses its useful to think in terms of using it all the year round by thinking ahead and producing an annual schedule. As an example:

  • Start in spring with the sowing of bedding plants and planting summer to autumn flowering bulbs
  • In summer, cuttings can be taken of summer to autumn flowering pot plants, and crops such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and melons can be grown
  • With the approach of autumn, Chrysanthemums and other tender plants can be moved in
  • Winter can continue to be colourful from sowings of suitable plants made during summer. There is also a number of useful winter salad crops you can grow during the ‘dark times’, for example lettuces
You may not be offered a second greenhouse, but maybe you can build one yourself?

You may not be offered a second greenhouse, but maybe you can build one yourself?

Link: 10 Greenhouses you can build yourself

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