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It’s about time I updated you on the latest projects in the garden to use recycled pallets or other cheap wood and materials. I continue to be astounded by the creativity and skills out there! All images from the wonderful site 1001 Pallets which includes lots of tutorials, in case you want to have a go yourself!

Old School Gardener

Hmm... a suitable case for treatment?

Hmm… a suitable case for treatment?

You can extend the life of a freestanding garden brick wall, provided it is still safe.

First, cap the wall top with a coping of engineering bricks, which are water resistant. alternatively use tiles laid on the slant, so that water easily runs off.

Next, cover nearby plants with plastic sheeting, then rake out loose areas of mortar using a wire brush.

Repoint the wall where necessary using a ready-made mortar mix to save time using your own. If the walllooks like (it is probably worth trying to match the mortar to the colour of the existing if you can, so for an old wall it might mean using lime mortar).

Finish off by painting on a silicone sealer to extend the wall’s life and stop algal growth on shady walls. To finish off you can apply two coats of masonry paint- there are plenty of colours available…maybe black or dark green to show off those nice foliage plants and flowers you’ll plant in front?

This approach can be used on freestanding walls, such as those used as garden boundaries. But if your wall forms part of the house and it’s exposed to the elements, then it’s wise to avoid coating it as it needs to ‘breathe’; repointing is the best method of  repair here.

The ultimate in painted walls- extend your garden with a 'Tromp l'oeil'!

The ultimate in painted walls- extend your garden with a ‘Tromp d’oeiul’!

Source: ‘Short Cuts to Great Gardens’- Reader’s Digest 1999

Old School Gardener



brick pedestalThe simplest ornament has more impact if it is raised. Keep your costs down by making your own pedestal; use a length of clay drainpipe, about a third taller than it is wide. Alternatively use some old bricks to make a pedestal. Place a paving slab on a level bed of sand; cement the pipe or place the bricks on top of it. Fix a slightly smaller slab on top with cement and finish off with your ornament; this could be a large sea shell, bird bath or whatever….

You can also use 10- and 18-inch-diameter PVC pipes cut to varying heights to serve as bases for applying a mosaic surface. Overturned terra-cotta saucers turn two of the pipes into pedestals; the third cradles a flowerpot….

mosaic pillarsAnother idea is to make your own concrete pillars, stain them terracotta and put terracotta planters atop them….

stained concrete pillarsChimney pots can also make great planters or pedestals….

chimney pot planterAnd why not some sawn off tree trunks or chicken wire gabions filled with stones…

Or some simple sticks stuck around a piece of wood…

bundle sticks pedestalSources:

‘Good Ideas for your Garden’- Reader’s Digest, 1995


Old School Gardener

Here’s my last compilation of the latest outdoor projects using pallet and other recycled wood. This is a bit of a mixture of things, but hopefully you’ll be inspired by them. All courtesy of the Facebook site 1001 Pallets.

Old School Gardener

My latest offering in a ‘mini series’ on pallet and other recycled wood projects for the big outdoors. This time a few cunning designs for your critters! All courtesy of the Facebook site 1001 Pallets.

Old School Gardener

Here’s another trawl of garden projects involving reused pallets or other recycled wood. Again, all courtesy of the Facebook site 1001 Pallets. First a few for child’s play…

And these two are more for the grown ups!

pallet bar picnic table hammock


Old School Gardener

So, here’s the second in a series of posts about great ways of using pallets and other recycled wood. There are so many different ways to create a planting space, as these examples from 1001 Pallets, demonstrate…

Old School Gardener

It’s a little while since I posted examples of useful (and attractive) garden or other outside projects created from recycled pallets or other materials. Here’s the first of a few posts by way of an update, courtesy of the Facebook site 1001 Pallets.

Old School Gardener

Some great DIY ideas here

Old School Gardener

I know you like seeing great ideas for recycling pallets into useful (and beautiful), garden and outdoor objects.  So, here are a few more- hope you like them!

Old School Gardener

Most examples from the wonderful site 1001 pallets

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