My Botanical Garden


File:Dieffenbachia daguensis DPR.png


Dieffenbachia was the plant growing to in-believable size in the window of a restaurant in the middle of the town .Bus had a stop just in front of that window and I remember my childhood fascination seeing this plant each time again on my bus ride.I believed it had to be very difficult to grow such a big , old plant , filling the whole window with white green leaves each turning toward light from the street. Usually there were no lights turned on in the restaurant, the darkness of unknown inside was shadowing the vivid patterns of the only evident thing to be alive behind that window.Many years later I had a dinner in the same restaurant and could not believe the plant was still there, strong and green as from yesterday, but from this side of the window almost obvious and earthly, far less mysterious as it looked from my bus view.Yet it…

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