The Scottish Country Garden

Well, the blizzards continue here at the Scottish Country Garden. The snow that arrived on Tuesday morning is still here, and the high winds tonight are blowing it and some new stuff off the fields across the roads in flowing icing sugar waves.  Overnight and tomorrow, more is due. The Garden continues in its state of suspended animation for another week, when perhaps there will be signs of spring.  So, rather than show you yet more pictures of snowscapes, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about…ice houses! A few weeks ago, the family visited Dalkeith Palace (see Going Gothic). Hidden in the grounds is an ice house.Built in the late 18th Century, it stored ice and kept foods refrigerated for the Palace. It is 15 metres (50 ft) wide and 10m (33 ft) deep and situated on a north facing slope, dug into the hillside, where the sunlight won’t reach…

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