I started this blog this past September with a goal of sharing my everyday scenes and random thoughts.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in what I saw or had to say.  I have been extremely happy with the direction that this blog has taken.  I have loved meeting each and everyone of you and look forward to continuing to share my sights and sounds.

I thought now, since it’s too cold for any real good picture taking, that I’d reflect back on 2012 and share with you what I feel is the best of those three and a half months.

My favorite shots from September and October:

Ohio trees

From: Fall is near. on 9/19/2012

Mr. tree poses for camera.

From: Photo Scavenger Hunton 9/20/2012

Krohn Observatory

From: Essence of Eden on 9/21/2012

From: Cold Cox Arboretum kind of morning. on 9/24/2012

From: Ault Parkon 9/27/2012

Another view of a flower.

From: Up close: front yardon 9/30/2012

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