old school aerial oct 2012

Aerial view of the Old School and garden taken by a pilot neighbour in October 2012

I wish you a very happy and productive 2013!

I had some lovely Christmas gardening gifts from the family. The weather has been pretty windy and wet over the last week or two, so I haven’t been able to get out and use the new border fork. Still the forecast suggests we’re about to enter a quieter and drier spell, so maybe I can finish the clearing up and digging over of the borders I started a month or two ago (dreaded ground Elder amongst other things)!

I bought some seed potatoes today- Pentland Javelin (first earlies) and Charlotte (second earlies- one of my all time favourites), so will be putting these in seed trays to ‘chit’ in the next day or two. I also got some Parsnip and Mangetout seeds to complete the 2013 Growing Plan for the Kitchen Garden – more on this shortly.


I hope that you found the first Quizzicals amusing! The answers were:

  • Quince
  • Love in a Mist

Here are a couple more (cryptic this time) to keep you guessing:

  • Someone who patrols the observation points in bird sanctuaries
  • Cockney bigot + flash Italian Car

And to finish you off, a couple of  ‘garden ditties’:

‘A chard rain’s gonna fall’  and  ‘Chilli don’t be a hero’ (thanks to Les Palmer once again).

I’ll be posting my Top Ten Tips for gardening in January  soon as well as the first Plantax– a profile of the Hellebores.

See you soon!

Old School Gardener