Hello – thanks for reading this, my first blog! I hope that you’ll want to return to read more. The various background pages on the site tell you a little more about me, the blog and my interests.I hope to bring you a diary of my gardening activities in the Old School Garden and elsewhere; a regular monthly ‘top tips’ for garden activities;  interesting information and ideas about gardening issues, plants and techniques as well as a couple of lighter items:

  • Quizzicals– horticultural brain teasers
  • Plantax– the stories behind particular plant names

To get you started here are a couple of ‘dingbats’ with plant, fruit or veggie connections (thanks to my good friend Les Palmer)- see  how you get on…

cQUe (clue- think jelly)

miZEROst (clue- think Wimbledon)

Have fun and I hope you’ll come back for more!!

Old School Gardener