wp_20170201_16_55_00_proI have a bit of an affinity with King’s Lynn in west Norfolk, as it was the home of my great grandfather’s family and west Norfolk in general is pretty much the ‘home of the Boldero’s’!

However, it’s the sort of place that many people don’t get to visit unless they make a special effort…it’s on the way between Norfolk and the midlands/north, but is probably not really a tourist destination for many people, unless you’re visiting the North Norfolk coast at Hunstanton, perhaps.

Or maybe because you have a meeting there? Well last week I was fortunate enough to have a day long and evening meetings there and had an hour an a half to spare around dusk, so i ventured forth across ‘The Walks’ into town past some delightful old town houses and beyond to the Purfleet quay with the Custom House and  statue of George Vancouver overlooking a fast emptying Great Ouse river.

This is a fascinating place with lots of other historical interest (old market places, churches etc.), so well worth a day or two’s stay or a weekend break; oh and there’s also Castle Rising nearby (a medieval castle and village featured in an earlier post) and of course the Royal residence of Sandringham, not to forget ‘Sunny Hunny’ (Hunstanton) where you can get some breathtaking views across the Wash, especially at sunset (where I happened to be to celebrate my 60th birthday). Here’s a link to find out more and below a collection of pictures taken en route to whet your appetite!

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