A few weeks ago I posted a brief article about how I’d converted an old wooden bicycle rack (saved from the bonfire, as it was being disposed of by the local Primary School) into a sort of vertical plant stand cum ‘Plant Theatre’.

The old Bike Rack before it's makeover
The old Bike Rack before it’s makeover

I decided that the first display would be of  a range of Pelargoniums. Having bought a number of small terracotta pots, and used a mix of old and new plants, I set it up and nurtured my new ‘creation’. Well here’s how it’s looking at the end of June – most plants are now in flower and providing an eyecatching, vertical splash of colour in the courtyard here at Old School Garden. What do you think?

The finished 'Theatre'
The finished ‘Theatre’

I must now start thinking about what to do for a spring display, next year. I’ll try to over winter the pelargoniums and use them again in the summer.  For spring, perhaps I’ll tryt o get hold of a range of that plant that typifies ‘Plant Theatres’, the Primula auricula.

A Primula auricula- something for the 'Theatre' in Spring 2015?
A Primula auricula- something for the ‘Theatre’ in Spring 2015?

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