Spooky Britain

Welcome back to Corfe Castle. Are you ready for another jolly dose of misery and murder? Lovely! You may remember last time when I waffled on about Edward the Martyr, the teenage Saxon king who met a bloody end at Corfe Castle in 978. That was just the beginning of the place’s troubles, of course, and many more ghosts have since emerged to keep Ed company. Let’s have a peek! 

Come on. Be brave.

The next bleak chapter takes place a few centuries after Edward’s death, during the time of King John. John’s seventeen-year reign was… eventful, to say the least. He went to ruinous war with France and lost most overseas territories, practically bankrupting England in the process. He also pissed off his barons so much they devised the Magna Carta to curtail his kingly rights. After that, he provoked civil war by ignoring the famous document and continuing…

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