Having been on travels ‘down under’ I’ve only recently returned as a garden volunteer at the wonderful Blickling Hall, Norfolk.

This week the Thursday mens team (Rory, Peter, Tim, Gordon and me) continued with removing the top soil from one of the four sections of the Parterre, designed in the 1930’s by Norah Lindsey.

These borders have become home to a lot of Bindweed, the soil has become tired and some of the planting (especially the roses) are very old and need replacing.

Head Gardener Paul tells me that new roses gave been ordered in shades of pink and red, and close to if not exactly the same varieties as in the original planting design.

This year one section is being tackled and the plan is to gradually do the same to the three other sections.

Here are a couple of pictures of the team at work…and you can also see the scaffolding on the Hall as roof repairs proceed.

Old School Gardener