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Narcissus ‘Jenny’

Back to a Thursday morning at Blickling this week, having missed last week. I began at 9am and was soon joined by fellow volunteer Rory. Gardener Rebecca asked us to dig planting holes for a thousand narcissus bulbs in the orangery garden….

Most of the gardeners wer on leave this day, and i was sad to learn that Project Manager Mike had had a resumption of his back problem so was once more on sick leave…speedy recovery Mike!

It turned out that the bulbs- called ‘Jenny’- were to go around the large central tree, naturalised in the grass. They had been chosen to commemorate one of the Thursday gardening volunteers- yes, named Jenny- who had passed away a year or two ago. A nice idea.

The central tree has a circular seat surrounding it and work was underway to repair the base of this which had rotted away somewhat. Near the top of the surrounding grass mound the turf was pretty hard and choked with pieces of old brick, but further down there was more give and the job of cutting out holes with a bulb planter a bit easier. Unfortunately Rory had been given a rather old and ineffective planter which didn’t cut too well, so he was forever clearing it out with odd pieces of stick (and regretfully, my secateurs).

My planter was certainly effective and by the time the ladies had joined us- to plant the bulbs- we had managed to get around half way around the tree.

Well, three hours later and we had managed to dig and plant out around 800 bulbs, with about 100 not being in good condition, so rejected, and the others to be planted in the White Garden near the double borders. They should all make a wonderful display in the spring. As it worked out, just as I had to leave we had just about finished and the heavens opened… I’m not looking forward to stiff shoulders in the morning.

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