Digging for Dirt

  • Now is a great time to repair bare patches in your lawn. First dig out the affected area, lightly fork the bottom of the hole and re-fill with topsoil – the finer the better. Next, gently rake in your grass seed before watering it in. Beware of late frosts and hungry birds! Both will seriously inhibit germination.
  • Everything should be beginning to wake up now ready for the growing season ahead – begin to increase the amount of water you give to your houseplants.
  • The moist weather which usually accompanies spring creates the ideal conditions for applying mulch. Organic mulches can help to retain moisture, suppress weed growth and improve the structure of your soil. Leaf mould and spent mushroom compost are amongst the best. Be sure to clear weeds from beneath your plants beforehand, apply to 5cm of depth and keep clear of central stems and trunks –…

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