Sissinghurst - the Moat Walk

Sissinghurst – the Moat Walk

‘In the afternoon I moon about with Vita (Sackville-West) trying to convince her that planning is an element in gardening. I want to show her that the top of the moat-walk bank must be planted with forethought and design. She wishes just to jab in the things which has left over. The tragedy of the romantic temperament is that it dislikes form so much that it ignores the effect of masses. She wants to put in stuff which ‘will give alovely red colour in the autumn’. I wish to put in stuff which will furnish shape to the perspective. In the end we part, not as friends.’

Harold Nicolson, 1946 (published 1966)

So, where do you stand? Can a focus on planning and form combine happily with a looser, romantic approach to gardening and garden design?

Old School Gardener