What a difference a week makes- double borders in full colour

What a difference a week makes- double borders in full colour

A brief couple of hours at Blickling this week, as I needed to get home to prepare for our journey to Devon. Still, the place looked superb and I managed to sort out a few lines of plants in the walled garden.

My fellow volunteer Jonny and I began the day (which was sunny again!) with Mike in the Walled Garden. Mike wanted to level some soil between a couple of rows of well established Foxgloves and Rudbeckia and to straighten a line of Nepeta. We set to and after this put in a few more lines of flowers- Agapanthus and Phlox.

The session was punctuated with a visit from a senior manager at Broadland Council, coming to see how a grant they’d made to help restore the greenhouse had been spent and to discuss volunteering. After that I hoed along some of the other lines of veg in the Garden and generally tidied up. Meanwhile Rebecca and Pam had been pricking out seedlings ready to put into the restored greenhouse, which is only about a third full at present (with Penstemons).

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Last week I got my new badge, this week I’ve been offered some National Trust clothing to wear in the gardens- nice to be looked after so well!

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