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As we all spend more time using smartphones and tablets, Zero to Three (National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families) has released a series of guidelines and tip sheets for caregivers about screen time—the amount of time a person spends viewing a television, computer, tablet, smartphone, or other screen—and how it affects children from birth to age three. Smartphone_as_Child_Toy by RogDel wikimedia commonsThe report, “Screen Sense: Setting the Record Straight,” by Claire Lerner, L.C.S.W., and Rachel Barr, Ph.D., offers guidelines that reinforce the need for personal “3-D” interaction in the real world, but also finds that limited “2-D” experiences can be beneficial when combined with adult interaction.

The writers clearly understand that most parents live with these technologies as constant companions in daily life, and their children are watching their parents use them. Learning when to limit and redirect a young child is a great starting point for concerned parents, but finding…

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