The Girl Who Had Wanderlust

On the 24th we took a trip up to Hughenden Manor for the day to take a look around the estate.

We were aiming for the Manor first but we grabbed a tea first at the Stable’s restaurant, and they had awesome fruit teas. I had the Raspberry and Vanilla, which was amazing.

Then we went to the Manor, which was the old Prime Minister of England Benjamin Disraeli’s house in the times of Queen Victoria. To be brutally honest, I didn’t know that he existed until that day but now I know quite a bit. The house was beautiful, decorated in full Victorian style but downstairs in the cellars it was set up as it was in World War Two, because the house was used as a place to produce maps in the war.

We picniced in the apple orchards and looked at the gardens and the walled garden where…

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