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Green screens will have a bigger and more instant impact on improving air quality than green roofs says Professor John Dover, Head of The Science Centre at Staffordshire University whose team have set up a study to investigate the value of green screens in rapidly mitigating pollution hotspots.

The University, which has a dedicated Green Wall Centre, has been pioneering research since 2010 to understand how vertical greening of spaces can influence biodiversity and capture micro-pollutants thereby improving air quality, wellbeing and human health.  This latest study into the value of particulate pollution mitigation by green screens and other hedging material will use the Science Centre’s environmental scanning electron microscope to quantify the ability of green screens to capture particulates and experimental screens will be installed in particulate hotspots in roads around Stoke-on-Trent to investigate the strategic placement of green screens

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Professor John Dover who is supervising the project said…

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