Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

One of the lovely things about being a Heritage Gardening Trainee is the fact that we are able to garden in so many different heritage settings. Even within the walls of Gressenhall there are different focuses for each gardening area.

My focus has primarily been on the Dyer’s Garden and the Farmhouse garden. It has been a joy to get to know the volunteers who have spent many years in some cases caring for the different areas. Carol and Jenny who look after the Dyer’s Garden are extremely knowledgeable about the whole process of dying, from which plants to grow for which colour, through to the processes of dying fabric. Carol loaned me a fascinating book about the history of wool industry in Norfolk and how dying yarn and silk was a highly valued skill.

Dyer's Garden at Gressenhall FW Dyer’s Garden at Gressenhall FW

Starting the traineeship in winter was a good time to…

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