Plant Heritage

After our visit to Kristopher’s we headed out towards the coast to East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden.  ‘Very flat, Norfolk’, as Amanda says to Elyot in Coward’s Private Lives and beyond the city lies an area of open expanses, buffeted by gentle zephyrs from the North Sea and ideal for growing carrots.  Forty years ago, Alan Gray and Graham Robeson bought the house at East Ruston and over the decades have created a garden of views and vistas, cleverly borrowing focal points from outside.  Shelter belts of  Monterey Pine, Italian alder and Eucalyptus have created a microclimate capable of supporting a huge variety of plants in a multitude of garden rooms.


This courtyard had recently been planted out with Aeonium which are overwintered inside.

Sculpture – one created to look like the waterspouts which occur off the coast.

The desert, carved out of the landscape with a JCB.

Two sides of the…

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