A large garden can be broken up into a series of more interesting spaces using arches, hedges, screens etc.

I’ve been approached by a TV producer who’s developing a potential new gardening series, which will involve a team of skilled and creative people with high functioning Asperger’s syndrome. The series will involve building a big and visually exciting show garden.

The producer, Claire Castle of Betty TV, wants at this stage to chat to people with Asperger’s who are passionate about gardening and outdoor pursuits, and ask them what they have done before, why they like gardening and if they have any other particular skills. It doesn’t matter if someone hasn’t been into gardening for that long, or their special interest is something different, as she wants different people to bring different skills and elements to the task.

It’s very informal at the moment, and Claire just wants to have a chat over the phone or can possibly pop over to meet people. She is already talking to a couple of people with landscape design and engineering backgrounds, and is especially keen to find soemone who knows a lot about plants! By having a team of people with Asperger’s she plans to explore the underlying theme of gardening therapy and autism, but essentially this is a chance to create something artistic, imaginative and inventive  in an unused green space.

The series is still in a development stage, so Claire needs to put a ‘taster tape’ together for the ‘big broadcasting channel’ she is working with, which will feature the team of people who would like to be involved. So if you’re into gardening or related areas, have Asperger’s and are happy to talk on camera about your green-fingered pursuits, why not get in touch with Claire via email:claire.castle@betty.co.uk, or phone her on 020 7290 0204?

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