Gardening with Children

My front garden is at its best at the moment it is packed full of Bluebells, not an inch of soil can be seen, it looks stunning and the heady sweet perfume that greets me when I open the front door is wonderful the Bees love the Bluebells too.

Bluebells in front garden

Hybrid Bluebells in my garden

There are actually 3 types of Bluebell in the UK

The English (native) Bluebell

The narrow bell shaped flowers are violet-blue with straight-sided petals which curl deeply back at the tips, they hang from the same side of the stem which droops over to form an arch, their pollen is creamy white and their leaves are narrow (0.7-2cm wide).

The Spanish Bluebell

Originally from Spain and Portugal their larger flowers open wider with the petal tips curling back only slightly, most flowers are arranged all around the stem which is straight and does not hang over…

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