Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

Over the past four weeks I have been attending an evening class titled ‘An Introduction to Bee-keeping’, where I have been learning all about this amazing insect known as Apis Mellifera; that’s the Western Honeybee to you and me. I have not only got to grips with the biology of the creature, but also it’s home life, work life, and all of the threats that it faces… I feel like I know it quite intimately already; and I haven’t even handled any bees, nor have we set up our own Gressenhall hive yet!


In the first of four theoretical sessions I was introduced to the biology of the bee, as well as the three different types of bee present in the hive. These are Workers (female) who perform most of the work inside and outside the hive; Drones (male) whose task it is to mate with the Queen at the…

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