Chas Spain

Looking back at all the visitors who dropped by the blog last year and left a comment on the About page – I thought I should do a quick world tour and see what everyone’s been up to and what they’re planning for 2014.

This could take a while – especially as I’m listening to the Inception Soundtrack – so anything could happen in either space or time ….

Nigel Boldero in Norfolk England, at Old School Gardener, keeps the beautiful recycled things and wondrous garden pics happenng. Incentive to buy some dirt.

Shimon Z in Jerusalem, at The Human Picture has superb edible images of the fruit and flowers in his home despite having a bumpy start to 2014.

Mary Mageau in Brisbane at Nature as Art and Inspiration posted a superb red Christmas Bush to sign off 2013

Emiline Miossi in São Paulo also posted a bright start to 2014…

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