Shine A Light

My last blog ended at the 1890’s, a time seen globally as a ‘golden age of discovery’. Many things were invented during this time which we still use today such as cinematography, escalators, x-rays, wireless radio, hydro electric power and electric underground trains. As well as being an exciting time for technological development in general, it was also a ‘age of discovery for the bicycle!

For most of the 19th century bicycles generally fell under a ‘one size fits all’ banner and were mainly built for adults. Men, women and children (mostly from the upper classes) all had access to standard sized frames, although there were exceptions to this such as the High Wheeler (aka the Penny Farthing), where the height and size of the vehicle were determined by the leg span of the rider. The invention of the ‘Safety bicycle’ in 1886 and then the Dunlop tyre in 1888…

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