winter-frost-on-plants-132662203503t‘Dull dawn, grey day, and early comes the night,

Now wearisome November’s here again,

With frost to follow frost, then chilling rain,

Or fog comes stealthily, and hides from sight

The dripping world beyond the window pane.

But oh, the glory when the night is clear,

What glittering feast for eyes that scan the skies!

See Jupiter near old Orion rise,

The Bear, the Bull, and Pegasus appear,

And see, a meteor falls, and glows, and dies.

Nearby an owl is calling; now it flies

On silent, velvet wings, while all grows cold.

Frost’s icy fingers woods and fields enfold,

and touch with silver lingering leaves of gold.’

John (Jack) Kett

From ‘A Late Lark Singing’ (Minerva press 1997)