Shine A Light

By Dayna Woolbright

Norwich is a City with many things to offer; over 1500 historic buildings, numerous museums and art galleries, 31 churches, 2 cathedrals and a medieval castle, but that’s not all, Norwich is ranked as one of the top 10 places to shop in the UK*, its streets are busting with an abundance of high street stores, designer shop and quirky boutiques. Like most cities today Norwich is home to four of the large department store chains; John Lewis, Debenhams, M&S and House of Fraser, but there is also a large, local, independent department store, Jarrolds.  In short Norwich is a shopaholicas paradise!

Recently, in the Superstore, we came across a large floral carpet, on the reverse incorporated into the design was the name ‘Chamberlins Sons & Co. Norwich’ This sparked my curiosity as it was a name I was unfamiliar with and after a quick Google search…

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