Chas Spain

I’m feeling quite bewildered, astounded, (grabs thesaurus), combloglified (I made that up) – to be here at post #100 and to have a small gang of co-bloggers who come by and click like and always comment so kindly. I’ve even met some co-bloggers in that time, due to ridiculous sets of circumstances, and I feel I know some other co-bloggers so well I’m sure I could just turn up for tea and sit down and talk to them for hours about gardening and art and life in general.

So for this post No. 100 I just thought I’d put up some pics of my family’s perfect day at Philip Island doing absolutely nothing.

While I was taking pics of the kids and the last surfers in the beautiful dying pinks and blues of the day – one of the kids was taking pics of us – so there is a picture…

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