Shine A Light

By Dayna Woolbright

Fortunately crate 20 didn’t contain any witches but it did contain something equally as mysterious.

Crate 20 contained a lot of textile objects, mainly a selection of rugs and carpets but it also revealed another somewhat larger textile item which was folded into a large square. In its folded state we had no clues about what the item could be but from its size we suspected that once unfurled what ever it was would be huge! Due to the limited processing space in the superstore it was a few weeks before we had a chance to fully look at the object and fortunately this opportunity coincided with a visit from staff working in Norfolk Museums and Archaeology’s textile department, Social History curator Cathy Terry and head of conservation Man-Yee Liu.

Man-Yee assessed the textile and concluded it was in a good condition and stable enough to work…

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