Pardon My Garden

I wonder how they ended up being named Joe and Susan.  Since my WordPress name is JoePyeWeed1 I thought I would show some pictures of Joe Pye Weed that is blooming now. I pinched it back a little oddly in the early summer, which affected the height of “Gateway.”
Garden 07 30 13 082

Joe Pye Weed – “Little Joe.”  In the background is echinacea, purple coneflowers.

Garden 07 30 13 063

“Gateway” Joe Pye Weed with pollinating bee.  The flower looks messy after the bees have worked over them.  The bees love it!  These days the bees are also visiting russian sage and agastache blue fortune.

Garden 07 30 13 059

Backing away you can see that “Little Joe” is behind the coneflowers and the “Gateway” is taller in the center.  Liatris spicata on the right. The ornamental grass is calamagrostis brachytricha, which does not have seed heads yet.

Garden 07 30 13 050

I bought three black-eyed susan plants from Donna about five years ago.  They have distributed themselves around the…

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